50 VA

SPC 5The SPC-5( ) Series static inverter utilizes solid state circuitry to convert 28 VDC to 115 VAC, 400 Hz sine wave power. Design features include pulse-width modulated square to sine wave power conversion permitting light weight and reliable operation.

The SPC-5( ) Series are capable of delivering an overload of 150% of rated current for a duration not less than five minutes under all environmental conditions.


Output Control No Yes No
Fault Monitor No No Yes
SPC-5( ) SPC-5(D)
Input Voltage  (VDC):
20 TO 36 VDC 11 TO 16 VDC
Input Current (ADC):
@ 28 VDC IN
2.7 6.9
Output Power  (Total):
115 VAC / 26 VAC
50VA / 30VA
50VA / 30VA
Efficiency (%) :
67 TO 72 60
Output Voltage: 115 VAC and / or 26 VAC
Phase/Waveform: Single / Sine Wave
Frequency: 400 Hz ± 1%
Amplitude  Distortion: Less than 7% (3% Typ.)
Power Factor: .8 to -.95
Weight: 3.1 lbs.
Input Overvoltage: Operate up to 37 VDC input while supplying full rated VA output power. Output voltage under this condition is 115 VAC +5%, 7%.
Input Transient Protection: Withstands transients of 88 volts 1 mSec on the 28 VDC input line.
Overload & Short Circuit Protection: Withstands without damage or degradation load exceeding 150% of rated output to an output dead short.Inverter delivers rated output on removal of above conditions.
Altitude: 55,000 ft.
Temperature: -65°F to +160°F (-55°C to +71°C)
Humidity: Tested to greater than 95% for 10 days, temperature was cycled between 75°F to 160°F
Environmental: Designed to meet RTCA paper DO-160 Env. Cat. D2BR---


PINS SPC-5( ) SPC-5(A) SPC-5(B) SPC-5(C) SPC-5(D)
A 28Vdc Input 28Vdc Input 28Vdc Input 28Vdc Input 14 Vdc Input
B DC Ground DC Ground 115 Vac Out DC Ground DC Ground
C AC Return AC Return AC Return AC Return AC Return
D 115 Vac Out 115 Vac Out DC Ground N/C 115 Vac Out
E N/C To Pin G* Remote On/Off N/C 26Vac Out
F 26Vac Out 26Vac Out Fault Monitor 26Vac Out  
G   To Pin E* 26Vac Out    
Mate MS3106B14S-6S MS3106B16S-1S MS3106B18-9S MS3106B14S-6S MS3106B14S-5S

(*In-ine 1/2 watt rheostat between pins E & G to vary output voltages 97-137 Vac & 21.5 - 30.5 Vac)


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