300 VA

spc 30The SPC-30( ) Series static inverter utilizes solid state circuitry to convert 28 VDC to 115 VAC, 400 Hz sine wave power. Design features include SINE to SINE AC power amplification resulting in minimum weight and low levels of EMI emissions

The SPC-Series are capable of delivering an overload of 150% of current for a duration of not less than five minutes under all environmental conditions.

The SPC-30( ) has remote "on-off" provisions. By completing a connection to ground, the unit will turn "on." This feature eliminates the need for a heavy and expensive "on-off" solenoid or actuator.


Input Voltage: 28.0 VDC ± 2 VDC, operates down to 20 VDC.
Input Current: 16 amps
Output Voltage: 26/115 VAC
Output Power: 75/300 (1)
Power Factor: .8 to 1.0
Amplitude Distortion: Typically 3% (7% max.)
Wave Form: Sine Wave
Phase: Single
Temperature: -65°F to +160°F (-55°C to 70°C)
Altitude: 55,000 ft.
Efficiency: 70% typical.
Input Overvoltage: Withstand 130% input overvoltage for 5 minutes while supplying full rated VA output power. Output voltage under this condition 115 VAC +5% -7%
Input Voltage Protection: Inverter withstands transients of 88 volts lasting 1 mSec. on the 28.0 VDC input line.
Overload Capacity: Capable of 150% output current overload for at least 5 minutes.
Excessive Overload & Short Circuit: Withstand without damage or degradation loads exceeding 150% of rated output to an output short circuit. Inverter delivers rated output on removal of above conditions.
Humidity: Tested to greater than 95% for ten days, temperature cycled between 75°F to 160°F.
Vibration: Tested to withstand in three directions:
  • .08 DA 5-15 Hz
  • .036 DA 15-70 Hz
  • 10 G's 70-500 Hz
Shock: Tested to withstand at least 10 G's for 11 mSec. in three directions.
Emission RFI: Radiated & conducted... 90 kHz to 1000 MHz, far below specification limits of RTCA paper 120-61/DO-108, Appendix A.


SPC-30( ) MS3106B18-9SW 8.1 (3.7 kg.)
SPC-30(A) (2) MS3106B18-9S 7.6 (3.5 kg.)


1. Total continuous output power is 300 VA

2. SPC-30(A) does not have remote on-off provision, pin E is no connection.

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