SE25The SE25 is primarily designed to power 115 VAC line to neutral or line to line 400 Hz three phase Wye or Delta system loads with maximum continuous output power of 250 VA. SE25 inverter applications include airborne or ground instruments, navigation equipment and radar systems.

The SE25 operates from a 28 VDC source and the output can be configured for three wire 115 volt delta load, or four wire 115/200 volt wye loads. Each AC output phase (ØA, ØB & ØC) is isolated from the DC input and chassis ground. The SE25 is interchangeable dimensionally with 250 VA inverters conforming to MS21983-3.

Input Voltage: 28 VDC ± 4 VDC,
Current: 10.7 amps typ. at 28 VDC / 85 VA load per phase. 1.1A max at no load.
Output Voltage: 3 Wire Delta:
115Vrms ± 3% line to line  or,

4 Wire Wye:
115 Vrms ± 3% line to neutral
200 Vrms ± 3% line to line

Load Unbalance: Maximum load unbalance is 20% for specification performance.
  • Delta 115 V line to line: .73 Amp per phase
  • Wye 115 V line to neutral: .73 Amp per phase
  • Wye 200 V line to line: .43 Amp per phase
Power: 85 VA per phase, 250 VA total
Phase Angle: 120° ± 5°
Frequency: 400 Hz ± 1%
Waveform: Sine wave/three phase Ø configuration
Power Factor: .8 lagging to .95 leading power factor
Distortion: 7% maximum (3.0% typ at 28 VDC in)
Overload (OL): 150% output current for at least 5 min
Short Circuit: 200% output current for 1 min.
Soft Start: Soft start delay of approximately 500 mSec.
Reverse Polarity: The inverter is protected against reverse polarity applied at the input
Efficiency: 81% minimum.
Temperature: -65°F to +185°F (-55°C to +85°C)
Altitude: 75,000 ft.
Weight: 8.4 lbs. (3.81 kg.)
Environmental: Designed to FAA TSO-C73
Appendix A and DO-160C env. cat. F2WBBTEWXDFSAAAZZUZKXX
Compliance: FAA TSO-C73. Interchangeable dimensionally with 250 VA units conforming to MS21983-3.


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