(28 to 14Vdc High Power DC Converter)


The KGS model RG28 converts 28 Vdc input voltage to a regulated 14 Vdc output voltage. The converter is capable of delivering 280 Watts continuously at 14 Vdc (20 amperes output).    The 14 Vdc output is buck converted from the input voltage and therefore the output voltage is not isolated from the input.

A state of the art "Synchronous Current Mode Switching" topology with Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is used to realize the power conversion. Control circuitry includes use of a popular Synchronous PWM controller for voltage regulation and overload current limit. Protection circuitry includes output short circuit current limit. The output shuts down when the voltage feedback loop is opened.


Input Voltage: 28 Vdc NOM., 22 to 32 Vdc
Input Current: 10.8 Amps typ at 28 Vdc input & @FL
  0.3 Amps maximum at no load
Output Voltage: 14 Vdc regulated
Output Current: 0-20 Amps continuous
Power Output: 280 Watts continuous
420 Watts for a minimum of 5 minutes
Regulation: 1% for line, 1% for load and 1% for temperature
Overload (OL): Deliver 110% output power for 2 hours minimum.
Protection (OL): Withstands without damage or degradation loads exceeding 110% to an output short circuit. Unit delivers rated output power upon removal of the overload condition
Protection (SC): Under a output short circuit condition, the current is limited to approximately 37.5 Amps
Efficiency: 92% typical
Temperature: -55° C to +71° C
Cooling: Convection and thermal conduction through the bottom plate (No internal fan)
Altitude: 55,000FT
Compliance: FAA TSO-C71
Environmental: DO-160D/C by test, design similarity and/or design analysis per: 
Finish: Gold iridite per MIL-C-5541 Class 1A
Weight: 1.2 lbs.
Size: 2.75  W  x   6.875   L  x  2.24  H inches Less protrusion of connector
69.9  W  x   174.6  L   x  56.9  H
mm and screw heads


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