TSO'd DC/DC Regulated Boost Converter

Wide  Input Voltage Range (8 to 30.5Vdc)

RHB40The RHB40 is primarily designed for 28 Vdc buss systems to deliver regulated 24 Vdc power.  The RHB40 will operate from an input voltage range of 12-24 Vdc  (down to 8Vdc in abnormal mode) with continuous output current up to 16.6 amps and 190% overload current capability (31.5 amps).

The RHB40 is designed to maintain on-line critical equipment and instruments during engine starts. For an input voltage greater than 24 Vdc the unit operates in a conduction or override mode and delivers up to 35 Amp of continuous output current.


Input Voltage: Normal Voltage:12 Vdc to 24 Vdc (for regulated output).
Extended Range:  8 Vdc to 30.5 Vdc
Current: 31 Amps typical at 14 Vdc input voltage & at full load.
37 Amps typical at 12 Vdc input voltage & at full load
0.5 Amps maximum at no load
At 25°C temperature, unit shall not suffer any damage or degradation in performing an overload input current of:
Overload: 70 Amp for 15 Sec
140 Amp for 2 Sec
210 Amp for 1 Sec
Or until a 35 Amp input circuit beaker trips
Operation: (Two modes;  Switching or Regulation and Override or Conduction)
Output Voltage: 24 Vdc regulated for input voltage from 12 to 24 Vdc. 
Greater than 22 Vdc, 633 watts for input voltage of 8 Vdc
Follows input voltage for the input above 24 Vdc (Override Mode)
Current: 16.6 Amps Continuous
31.5 Amps for one minute
Power: 400 Watts continuous for input voltage from 12 to 24 Vdc
633 Watts for 20 seconds at  Vdc input voltage
750 Watts for 1 minutes at 12 Vdc or higher input voltage
Regulation: 3% for load, 2% for line and 3% for temperature
Protection (OL): Withstands, without damage or degradation, loads exceeding 100% of rated current.  Output collapses to input when load exceeds approximately 190% 31.5 Amps.  Unit delivers rated output upon removal of the overload (OL) condition.
Short Circuit: (SC) Protection:   Unit is protected against output short circuit by an external 35 Amps circuit breaker per MIL-C-5809.
Thermal (OL): (TO) Protection:  Unit is protected against a prolonged thermal overload condition by reverting the operating mode from switching(or regulation) to override (or conduction) mode.
Efficiency: 92% typical at 14 Vdc input
Temperature: -45°C to +70°C (Bottom plate temperature not to exceed 75°C)
Altitude: 55,000'  FT
Environmental: Designed to meet FAA TSO-C71 & Do-160C/D by design similarity/analysis F2-BBB(LV)EWXDFSZZAZZYZKXAA
Compliance: FAA TSO-C71
Finish: Gold iridite per MIL-C-5541, Class 1A
Weight: 4.4 LBS (2 kg)
Size: 4.00 h  x   4.20 w   x   8.25 l   inches (less protusion of screw heads)
101.6 H  x  106.6 W  x  209.5 L  mm


The RHB40 will   automatically change from a "Switching" or "Regulation" mode to a "Conduction" or "Override" mode with a maximum current rating of 35 Amps whenever the following conditions occur:

a) Input voltage is greater than the regulating 24 Vdc

b) Internal component failure occurs

c) Thermal overload protection circuit is activated

d) External 28 Vdc "Override" signal is applied at pin E


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