(0-28 Vdc High Power Light Dimmer)


  • The LH14 is a pulse width modulated dc to dc converter that provides regulated 0 to 28 Vdc power up to 5 amperes.
  • The output voltage is varied by a slider voltage 0-5 Vdc applied at pin D from a remote control potentiometer 5K ohm 1/2 watt to ground or directly from a 0-5 Vdc source.
  • An internal trim pot is provided to adjust the output voltage within the range from 26.5 Vdc to 29.5 Vdc at its full clockwise position of the external pot.
  • Circuit protection includes low input voltage shutdown, soft start, high input voltage shutdown, output over voltage limit and output short circuit current limit
Input Voltage: 28 Vdc NOM., 22 to 36 Vdc
Input Current: 5.8 Amps typ at 28 Vdc input & @FL
  0.2 Amps maximum at no load
Output Voltage: 0-28 Vdc regulated
Output Current: 0-5 Amps continuous
Regulation: 3% for load, 2% for line and 3% for temperature
Ripple: 50 mVpp maximum
Overload(OL): Deliver 110% output power for 2 hours
Protection(OL): Withstands without damage or degradation load exceeding 110% to an output short circuit. Unit delivers rated output power upon removal of the overload condition
Protection(SC): Under a output short circuit condition, the input current folds back and the output current is limited to a safe value
Protection(OV): Output voltage is limited to 35 Vdc maximum
Soft-Start: Minimum soft start delay of 200 mSec at full load is provided during an application of step input voltage to reduce output in rush current to cold (low) resistance of incandescent lamps.
Shutdown(SD): Output shuts down when input voltage is below 13 Vdc and above 42 Vdc
Efficiency: 85% typical
Temperature: -55° C to +71° C
Altitude: 55,000FT
Compliance: FAA TSO-C71
Connector: Unit mates with MS3126F14-5S
Finish: Gold iridite per MIL-C-5541 Class 1A
Weight: .95 LBS (430 grams)
Size: 2.00 H x 3.18 W x 5.25 L inches
  50.8 H x 80.8 W x 133.3 L mm
  Less protrusion of connector and screw heads


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