1200 Watts

WH120The WH120 DC power supply converts 115/200 VAC, 4 wire Wye, 400 Hz 3 phase input to a regulated 28 VDC up to 1200 watt maximum continuous output.

Design features include off line rectification, a pulse width modulated DC to DC step down voltage conversion and a rugged, high power IGBT power module for reliable and lightweight operation.

The WH120 is designed for the operation of mobile and ground vehicle equipment and lighting systems requiring regulated 28 VDC.


Input Voltage: 115/200 VAC ± 10 VAC. 3 phase
Input Frequency: 400 Hz ± 100 Hz
Input Current: 4.2 amps per phase
Output Voltage: 28 VDC ± .2 VDC
Output Current: 42 ADC
Output Ripple: 200 mVpp nominal at 1200 Watts.
Output Power: 1200 Watts maximum continuous.
Response Time: NL to FL; 2 mSec typical, FL to NL; 10 mSec typical
Regulation: Line; 1.5% typical, Load; 1.5% typical
Efficiency: 80% typical at full Load.
Overload Capacity: 120% Output current overload for atleast 5 minutes.
Overshoot: FL to NL; +2 Vpk.
Undershoot: NL to FL; -10 Vpk.
Protection Circuits: The unit withstands without damage or degradation loads exceeding 120% of full load and an output short circuit. The unit delivers rated output upon removal of the output short.
Remote On/Off: Yes (Grounded to ON)
Temperature: -55°C to +71°C (-65°F to 160°F)
Altitude: 55,000 ft.
Cooling: Thermostatically controlled brushless fan.
Weight: 8.0 lbs maximum.


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