750VA 50/60 Hz to 400Hz

SPC6 750AThe SPC6-750A solid state frequency changer converts 115 VAC 50/60 Hz to single phase 115 VAC 400 Hz sine wave power. The SPC6-750A is designed for use on avionic test benches to power radars, compasses, gyros, HSI's and to add 400Hz power to  flight simulator systems.

The SPC6-750A-230 and SPC6-750C are models available for 230 VAC  50 Hz operation.



Input Voltage: 115 VAC ± 15 VAC
Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Input Phase: Single
Input Protection:
  1. Protected from input overvoltage (unit will shut itself off above 135 VAC)
  2. Protected from over current with 15 amp circuit breaker. This circuit breaker is also used for the input power on-off switch.
Output Voltage*: 115 VAC (100 to 125VAC adjustable) 26 VAC (22.6 to 28.2VAC adjustable)
Output Power: 115 VAC out . 750 VA
  26 VAC out . 500 VA
  Total output power 750 VA
Output Frequency*: 400 Hz (380 to 420 Hz adjustable)
Phase: Single
Wave: Sine
Amplitude Distortion: 2% Typical
Power Factor: .8 to -.95.
Overload: Delivers 150% current for at least 5 minute. Withstand short circuit for 1 minute minimum.
  1. Unit will shut off under the following: output frequency below 375 Hz or above 425 Hz, output voltage above 130 VAC.
  2. Unit will trigger audible warning 130% above rated load.
Temperature: -40°C to +71 °C
Weight: 32 lbs.
Size: 17"W x 13"D x 7"H for 19" relay rack.
Cooling: Internal fan, thermostatically controlled.
Connections: 5 way binding posts for front panel connection. 6-32 terminal block for rear panel connection.
* Adjusted from front panel.