The PDU560 is a fully solid-state direct-current power control and monitoring system. The PDU560 can provide control and monitoring of up to 200A of continuous DC current.  The PDU560 is digitally controlled and optionally provides an intelligent load-shed function which includes monitoring of external voltage sources and shuts down outputs in a prioritized manner in order to maintain power to critical loads during periods of reduced input power capacity.

The PDU560 provides current and voltage telemetry as well as power-up and continuous built-in-test functions for continued airworthiness and life cycle monitoring.

The fully solid-state design provides unprecedented fault-isolation and near-instant reaction times to overload and short-circuit fault conditions without issues related to contactor welding and bounce. The PDU560 also allows for high inrush current draw often encountered with highly capacitive loads. The switch architecture provides redundant fault-isolation, in the event an output switch fails and the output is overloaded, the main breaker can also serve to isolate the failure and prevent a system over-current. 


Input Voltage
28.0 V Nominal, 10.0 V – 36.5 V Operating Range
Input Current
0.25 A No Load, 200.0 A Maximum Continuous
99.5% at 200.0 A, 28.0 V
Up to 200.0 A Continuous (programmable*), 400.0 A Maximum
Output 1
Up to 100.0 A Continuous (programmable*), 200.0A Maximum
Output 2
Up to 100.0 A Continuous (programmable*), 200.0A Maximum
Output 3
Up to 10.0 A Continuous (programmable*), 50.0A Maximum
Output 4
Up to 10.0 A Continuous (programmable*), 50.0A Maximum
Output 5
Up to 10.0 A Continuous (programmable*), 50.0A Maximum
Output 6
Up to 10.0 A Continuous (programmable*), 50.0A Maximum
Over-Current Protection
Two over-current methods provided, each switch independently:
1. 1KHz intelligent digital monitoring (programmable*)
2. Short-circuit instantaneous shutdown
Voltage Protection
1.  Programmable under-voltage and over-voltage trip points, limits independently defined for each switch.
2.  Input and output lightning/surge protection on all power and signal paths.
Thermal Protection
Programmable* output switch shutdown as internal temperature rises above 125 deg C
Remote Management
Optional RS-422 or CAN Bus remote management and/or monitoring
Operating Temperature
-55 deg C to +71 deg C Ambient
14.5  Lbs
19” Rack Mount Chassis, 2U, 19” Depth
19” X 3.5” X 19.5”
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