The LT-SERIES is a pulse width-modulated DC to DC converter that provides regulated DC power.  This converter transforms an unregulated 28 VDC to a regulated and adjustable DC voltage output via a remote control potentiometer.

The LT-SERIES is primarily designed to control the light intensity of incandescent bulbs in aircraft lighting.  The LT-52A, LT-70 and LT-100 converters are FAA TSO-C71 recognized for airborne applications.


  • State of the art design for regulation and positive logic for output overvoltage protection.
  • State of the art design for regulation and positive logic for output overvoltage protection.
  • Other LT-SERIES available in various output voltages and power ratings in the same package size.
  • The LT-SERIES is serviceable, small and lightweight.
  • Maximum output voltage is adjustable with an internal trim pot.
  • Designed to meet various applicable portions MIL-STD 704 notice 3, MIL-STD-202C and MIL-T-5422F class 1A.
Input Voltage: 28 VDC nom., 20 TO 40 VDC.
Output Voltage: Adjustable with external 5K ohm, 1/2 W rheostat
Regulation: 2% for line, 2% load and 2% temperature.
Output Ripple: 25 mVp-p.
Protection (Overload): Input and output current pulse when overload exceeds approximately 125% of rating.
Protection (Overvoltage): Output voltage is limited to approximately 125% of rating even though   remote control rheostat opens or shorts, or internal failure occurs.
Temperature: -55°C to +71°C (sufficient cooling required @ +71°C ambient)
Altitude: To 55,000 Feet.
Size: 2.3" H x 2. 3" W x 5.8" L.
5.7 cm H x 5.7 cm W x 14.6 cm L
Weight: 1.5 lbs. (683 grams).
Compliance: FAA TSO-C71


Characteristics LT-52A LT-70 LT-100
Max VA Rating 50 70 100
Input Voltage (VDC) 20 to 40 20 to 40 20 to 40
Input Current (ADC)
@20 VDC In
@ 28 VDC In



Output Voltage (VDC) 0 to 5 0 to 12 0 to 28
Output Current (ADC) 10 5.8 3.6
Efficiency 77 78 84


Pin Description:
PIN NO. Description Remarks
A +28 VDC input 20 to 40 VDC
B Common Ground Input/output return
C + VDC Output Adjustable DC Output
D Remote Control 5K ohm rheostat to ground.
E Spare NC


Model Mating Plug Receptacle
LT-52A KPT-06A-14-5S PT-02E-14-5P
LT-70 MS3106A14S-5S-X MS3102A14S-5P-X
LT-100 MS3106A14S-5S MS3102A14S-5P