(Two Channel 0-5 & 5 Vdc High Power Light Dimmer)


The LT-248 is comprised of two DC to DC converters, one fixed @5Vdc and the other controllable from 0 to 5Vdc.  The variable output portion is primarily designed to control the light intensity of incandescent bulbs in system lighting.  The fixed output portion may be used when regulated 5Vdc up to 7.5 ampere power is required.

The variable output voltage is adjusted via a remote control rheostat 5K ohm 1/2 watt to ground.

Input Voltage: 28 Vdc NOM., 22 to 36 Vdc
Input Current: 3.4 Amps typ at 28 Vdc input and full load
  5.2 Amps maximum at 18Vdc input and full load
Output Voltage: #1:  0-5 Vdc regulated
#2:  5 Vdc fixed regulated
Output Current: #1:  0- 7.5 Amps continuous
#2:  7.5 Amps continuous
Regulation: 2% for load, 2% for line and 2% for temperature
Ripple: 10 mVpp typ at 25c, 25mVpp maximum
Overload(OL): Deliver 110% output power for 2 hours
Protection(OL): Withstands without damage or degradation load exceeding 110% to an output short circuit. Unit delivers rated output power upon removal of the overload condition
Protection(SC): Under a output short circuit condition, the input current folds back and the output current is limited to a safe value
Protection(OV): Output voltage is limited to approx 130% of rating even though the remote rheostat opens or shorts for output #1 or certain types of internal failure.
Reverse Polarity: A reverse polarity diode is placed across the input to trip a MIL-C-6809 5 amp circuit breaker in the event of input reverse polarity.
Efficiency: 75% typical
Temperature: -55° C to +71° C
Altitude: 55,000FT
Connector: Unit mates with KPTO6A14-5S(SR)
Finish: Gold iridite per MIL-C-5541 Class 1A
Weight: 1.2 LBS (544 grams)
;style7">Size: 1.65 H x 4.00 W x 5.03 L inches  (Less protrusion of connector and screw heads)
4.1 H x 5.1 W x 12.8 L cm


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